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Welcome to Hall Conservation Ltd

Established in 1997 Hall Conservation is a small family run business based in the Royal Borough of Greenwich, London. The two principle Directors are Brian Hall and Astrid Hall.

The practice provides services in consultancy, historic and technical research, surveying and specifications, restoration, conservation, design and bespoke works.


Our conservation philosophy is guided by the principle of minimum intervention and our aim is always to demystify the conservation process, presenting the client with a rational and sensitive approach to the constraints and intricacies of each individual project. The combined experience and knowledge accrued by the Directors, staff and associates of Hall Conservation Ltd allows us to take full account of all relevant technical aspects, aesthetic considerations, cultural connotations and budgetary implications attached to any individual project. 

Composed of a team of skilled artisans, conservators and restorers. We provide the highest quality professional conservation, restoration and design services, capable of successfully completing a wide range of projects.

All of our projects and work undertaken are are based upon international Conservation Standards and Ethics and under the direct supervision of our director Brian Hall; an Accredited Conservator-Restorer through the Institute of Conservation (ICON), Blacksmith and Sculptor, who specialises in the conservation and restoration of Sculpture, Decorative arts and fine and architectural metalwork. Brian’s conservation career began in the mid 1980’s through an apprenticeship in sculpture conservation.

Brian is also a founding Member, Trustee and Council Member of the National Heritage Ironwork Group (N.H.I.G), dedicated to the safeguarding and preservation of  ironwork through promoting high standards of workmanship, conservation and repair.

Brian delivers training for the Society for the Protection of Ancient Buildings (The SPAB) predominantly on the ‘Repair of Old Buildings’ course and various master classes.


Having worked for a huge range of clients and bodies, Hall Conservation can advise and undertake sculpture works throughout the UK and Europe. 

From small repairs to extensive renovation in bronze, lead, stone and all contemporary materials.

Talk to us about delivering a bespoke maintenance plan for your sculptures care. We may be able to advise and train your existing maintenance team and carry out investigative structural surveys and refinishing as required.

Our mobile workshop can often carry out repairs and treatment on site.

We have extensive expertise in the lifting transportation and installation of large complex sculptures. Many of these works have been carried out with sensitive historic environments or busy public spaces.

Modelling and casting in a wide range of materials, carving new stone or fabricating in contemporary materials we have produced a number of new sculptures or replaced missing parts.

Hall Conservation has developed its own unique wax system for the protection and finishing of multiple surfaces – Contact us for further information.


Our studios work on a wide range of object conservation projects from large public art to smaller gallery and salon pieces, antiques, scientific instruments, objet d’art, industrial heritage and arms and armour. 

Working with private collectors, museums and galleries local authorities and sculpture parks we have worked on a large range of post war contemporary art.

Recent clients include; the White Cube Gallery, the Tate, Trinity College – Dublin, The Lisson Gallery,  Sir Antony Gormley, Anselm Kiefer and Tony Crag   

Condition surveys, conservation treatment, handling, packing, mount making and installation

We have carried out a wide range of emergency and insurance treatment work including both fire and flood damage, accidental and malicious damage, graffiti removal and theft.


At Hall Conservation we specialise in the restoration and conservation of wide variety of architectural features and structures; from consultancy through to treatment. Including, decorative finishes, design and manufacture.

We can help throughout the whole process by assisting with grant applications, condition surveys, preparing specifications and budgets and delivery of conservation treatment. 

Manufacture and supply of new or replacement sections, including bronze and stone plaques and sculptural elements, re-carving of illegible eroded text and replacing leaded lettering and gilding.

Preparing maintenance schedules and delivering training to in house teams for continued care – this works especially well when projects are outside of the UK.

We are often called in at the early stages of a building conservation project by either an owner, architect, engineer or main contractor to carry out conservation surveys, feasibility studies and preparation of schedule of works and budget costs.

Very often we are also asked to deliver a high level of conservation and restoration on site as specialist contractors, carrying out works such as:-

  • Preventive Conservation: protective works, environmental monitoring, long and short term storage within a secure controlled environment.
  • Decorative Finishes; preparation and painting, gilding, trompe-l’oell, smalt, traditional lead paints and finishes, consolidation and conservation.

Our team of artisans, decorators, gilders and restorers will provide you with the highest level of building conservation and restoration services.

During our projects we are often required to restore originals or reproduce and manufacture copies of fixtures and fittings, these have included; window hardware and door furniture, lighting, chandeliers, fireplaces and ranges, curtain and picture rails, floor and air grills, hand water pumps, elevator accordion doors, hinges and bell pull systems.


With in-house design and development available Hall Conservation can fit into your design and make project as you need. Taking direct commissioner or working with architects, designers and artists we can develop and present concepts and manufacture to the highest standards.

We have a range of traditionally skilled staff to produce everything from grand entrance gates and railings, illuminations to verandahs and garden structures. 

Our team of skilled blacksmiths and metalworkers are able to produce items in iron, steel, bronze, brass and copper as well as decorative leadwork. We specialise in delivering a high level of quality, based upon traditional forging techniques. 

Working in any period style or contemporary design we have produced diverse items from gates, weathervanes, sundials, lamps and water features. 

Either as part of new metalwork installations or as stand alone items our masons and carvers have created numerous projects in stone.


Starting with initial condition surveys, and generating specifications of work required, Hall Conservation is able to advise and assist at any stage of a heritage project. 

We can provide documentation for any stage of a project, from early concept though to final operations and maintenance reports.

  • Condition surveys
  • Material Analysis
  • Measured drawings
  • Work specifications
  • Treatment reports
  • Research and planning documentation
  • Concept design and development presentations
  • Workshop drawings for fabrication
  • Schedules and inventories
  • Pricing estimates, budgets and tender documentation

When undertaking a project that involves a heritage object, the risks and costs can easily get out of hand. We can provide advice and insight to allow project and planning consent to be sought with a sound and ethical justification for recommended works. 

With our practical experience and expertise we can often offer services or conservation of items that many may think are unsalvagable.

Understanding the historic, environmental, cultural and social significance of an object or the technologies used during original manufacture or past restoration campaigns will guide the conservation process allowing for the development of a treatment plan and specification. Our skill set gives us a unique understanding of art history, technology and traditional crafts. We pride ourselves in the investigation and understanding of objects and projects within our care. 

 We have experience in carrying out metallography and X-ray fluorescence (XRF) analysis of metallic alloys and other compounds. 

With a considered approach to taking paint samples and its analysis we have on a number of occasions discovered original paint and decorative schemes on sculptures and on historic sites where previous analysis has failed to find early schemes.

  • Condition surveys and monitoring
  • Watching briefs and protection for other works
  • Climate control and environmental monitoring 
  • Installation of dehumidifiers and continued monitoring of historic environments throughout refurbishment and restoration works
  • Secure storage
  • We can provide information and assistance when packing and handling objects
  • Cleaning, maintenance Installation and display advice
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