Hall Conservation Ltd

Project Information

Early summer 2018 saw the public unveiling of the Anthony Gormley piece ‘Places To Be’ restored by Hall Conservation.  ‘Places To Be’ was Gormley’s very first public commission and consists of three full-sized male figures. 

The figures have been given a new permanent home on the rooftops of the Queensgate Shopping Centre, the Leeds Building Society, and the Norwich & Peterborough Building Society as part of a revamped Peterborough City Centre skyline for residents and visitors to view and to enjoy.

The piece has always been close to the heart of creator, Gormley, who was delighted at the new locations suggested for his work.  Gormley commented:  “Places to Be was my first public commission. It is wonderful that it is being re-sited on a striking modern horizontal parapet, a Victorian corner tower, and the 18th century roof line around the Market Square in the centre of Peterborough. I am very proud of this work and am delighted that with Vivacity’s help it will again be part of the collective life of the town.”

The buildings of Peterborough City Centre reflect different periods of history and architecture, and exist for various, changing purposes. Places to Be celebrates this diversity, whilst highlighting texture, material, and the scale of the world built around us.

A spokesperson for Vivacity who organised the work and relocation said:  “With Places to Be resited within the skyline (detached from common ground), the hope is to inspire locals and visitors to #lookup and appreciate a new perspective of Peterborough and our relationship with nature.”

The restoration on ‘Places To Be’ was carried out by Hall Conservation working carefully alongside Antony Gormley.