Hall Conservation Ltd

Client:Old Royal Naval College
Date:07 March, 2015

Project Information

As part of the on-going conservation work at the Old Royal Naval College we undertook the repair of several lanterns. The lanterns were in various conditions and had all been stripped of their paint and gilding before arriving in our studio. The majority of the lanterns are made of copper, although components were found in cast iron, aluminium and brass.

The majority of the lanterns needed only minor repairs, however, some required far more extensive works to re-attach loose elements, replace missing components or cast new details.

QM8 was in the worst condition with the whole top sail section having become detached; missing feet; damage to the door; fiberglass patch fills and evidence of other old failed repairs. A new fixing had to be raised in copper and soldered onto the decorative dome.

As part of the decorative hanging details ‘floral collars’ had been used to hide the fixings. Several of the existing ones were in a poor state of repair requiring re-shaping and repair. One complete collar needed to be manufactured to match. Taking careful measurements and casts of the detailing we had the components spun from malleable brass before using a combination of lead backed repoussé and chasing to add the detailling.