Hall Conservation Ltd

  • 'Jug and Bowl' by Kate Malone

  • 'Folding Movement' by Robert Adams

  • 'Fish Skeleton' by Sue Brown

Date:17 January, 2013

Project Information

Hall Conservation Ltd was commissioned to undertake a condition survey of three of the contemporary sculptures held in the collection at Homerton University Hospital. As with many institutions, Homerton recognises the contribution that art can make to the quality of life within the institution, and since it opened in the mid 1980s it has amassed a substantial collection of contemporary works of art.

The three sculptures are; ‘Folding Movement’ by Robert Adams, a copper coated steel wall relief; ‘Jug and Bowl’ by Kate Malone, a ceramic fountain; ‘Fish Skeleton’ by Sue Brown, a fabricated steel sculpture.

None of these sculptures has received professional conservation in the past and all of them had an air of neglect, the steel sculptures were corroding and shabby, the ceramic fountain leaking dirty, cracked and some of the vibrant colours were obscured by limescale. Conscious of the shrinking budgets of hospitals, Hall Conservation Ltd recommended basic conservation treatment and a self-help maintenance programme.