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  • The day was entered around a programme of a dozen talks.

  • One of the day's many fascinating slides.

  • The Queen's House, Greenwich.

  • Listening to Brian Hall talk about his work restoring the historic Tulip Staircase in the Queen's House.

  • The Tulip Staircase.

  • Looking up at the Tulip Staircase.

Project Information

In November 2016, the latest National Heritage Ironworks Group (NHIG) seminar took place at the National Maritime Museum, Greenwich.  Hall Conservation were delighted to be able to both take part in the day and also to help organise it.

Around forty-five delegates from a variety of backgrounds enjoyed a series of ten short talks on various aspects of “Ferrous Metals in Heritage Ironwork.”   Subjects covered included how iron is made, properties and uses of ferrous metals, and repair methods.

One of the aims of the day was to establish some common ground around conservation practise.  Another was allowing NHIG to continue to develop best-practice guidelines based on outcomes and discussions at the seminar.

At the end of the day, delegates were given a short tour of the Queen’s House by Brian Hall.  The focus of the visit was a chance to see the famous Tulip Staircase which had been recently restored by Hall Conservation as part of a fourteen month restoration programme at the Queen’s House.

Thanks to all the delegates who attended and especially to all the speakers for their entertaining talks.

The NHIG website can be found at:  www.NHIG.org.uk

Find the NHIG on twitter at:  @HistoricIron