Hall Conservation Ltd

  • Before Treatment

  • Distorted leaf

  • Crack and distortion

  • Heavy corrosion to the underside of the base roses

  • Same rose chemically cleaned leaving the lacquer intact

  • After treatment

Date:18 March, 2013

Project Information

The Victorian Gothic gas light still retained much of its original lacquer. During its history it had fallen over, resulting in some deformed decorative elements along with areas of cracking. Two of the base roses were missing and overall the object had an uncared-for look.

It was important for the client that the chosen treatment was as reversible as possible. For this reason no treatments that would include the use of heat could be used as heat can change the crystalline structure of metal thereby affecting any future analysis. The broken elements were repaired using an epoxy resin. Two new roses were cast for the base and patinated to match the surrounding elements.

The copper corrosion was removed chemically using a buffered citric acid gel, this removed the corrosion layer but left the ‘nut-brown’ cuprite layer and lacquer. After all of the cleaning and repairs were completed the whole object was coated with a microcrystalline wax.