Hall Conservation Ltd

  • The access scaffolding

  • During dismantling

  • Disasembly

  • Flaking corrosion from the iron support bar

  • During treatment

  • Reinstalled on-site prior to in-situ painting and gilding

Project Information

The restoration of the weathervane is part of the on-going works to Nicholas Hawksmoor’s St Alfege’s Church, as the gilding had come away from the surface leaving areas of exposed copper, the iron bar securing it to the spire was extremely corroded with large flakes of corrosion sitting in the base of the weathervane.

It was partially dismantled in-situ, lowered from the spire and transported back to the Hall Conservation Ltd workshop where it was fully dismantled, the individual components cleaned and inspected in detail. The orb had been repaired in the past and there were areas of distortion, cracks and splits. The top portion of the orb was in too poor a condition to salvage and had to be cut away and remade. The corroded iron securing bar was replaced with stainless steel, and the weathervane was given two coats of red oxide primer followed by two coats of yellow bole, and two layers of gold leaf.