Hall Conservation Ltd

  • Crown design in Tijou's book of drawings

  • Close up of the crown

  • Crown from panel six prior to reshaping

  • One test section produced for approval from HRP and EH

  • Fitting the ribbons to the bands

  • The crown components largely completed with test piece as a guide

  • Experimental repousse leaves

  • Experimental repousse satyr mask

  • Experimental repousse leaf

Project Information

As part of the on-going works a new crown is being produced to replace the missing one from panel six. The crowns on the Tijou Screen are very distorted and many of the elements were found to be made from copper during a survey of all the crowns by Andrew harris. Copper being a much softer material than iron had distorted and moved leaving the crowns looking anaesthetically pleasing.

As part of the 2012 works the existing crowns were dismantled, reshaped, painted and gilded. However, time and budget constraints meant that it was not possible to replace the copper elements on the crowns with iron ones.

The design of the crowns were researched and the missing crown is being replaced with one which more closely resembles that which would originally have topped the pilasters.

The replacement crown is being forged using pure iron and has required experimental repousse to be carried out in-order to replicate the cross and fleur-de-lis. All of the components will be riveted together, as it would have originally have been.