Hall Conservation Ltd

  • Before treatment. The nymph had completely collapsed over onto the fawn

  • Sections were cut into the body to remove the old armature and core material before replacing the armature with a new stainless steel one

  • The completed object in-situ in the National Museum of Scotland

Project Information

The Nymph and Fawn sculpture is possibly the only sculpture attributable to Mackie, as he was primarily a painter. It was commissioned as a garden sculpture by John James Cowan in 1914 and cast in lead.

Over the course of time and exposed to the elements, the armature had failed, causing the nymph to collapse onto the fawn and the sheltering leaf to drape itself over the figures. Sections of the bodies were cut away to provide access panels and the old core material and armature were removed. The two figures were then reshaped with a new stainless steel armature fitted to hold them in their correct positions. Missing pieces were remodelled, cast and attached to the figures, the sculpture was then coloured using coloured waxes and installed in the National Museum of Scotland.