Hall Conservation Ltd

Date:17 January, 2017

Project Information

Hall Conservation were asked to examine the Lindemann Battery Memorial located on Dover’s seafront and to propose conservation treatments for it.

The memorial is partly made from armour plating from one of the turrets of the original Lindemann Battery that fired shells at Dover from Calais during World War II.

An information plaque on the memorial reads:

“Section of armoured plating dismantled from one of the long range guns at Sangatte, Calais. The 84 rounds recorded formed part of the 2226 shells fired from these batteries at the harbour and town of Dover during the period 1940 to 1944. Erected by the Dover Harbour Board 1954”

The memorial was found to be in reasonable condition, especially given its location by the sea with exposure to high humidity and temperature extremes. There were however areas of damage and we were able to suggest a comprehensive conservation plan.

In the long term, we recommended that to ensure the memorial’s continued survival it could be moved from its current exposed location. We suggested that it could be replaced by a replica to save the original while maintaining the historic link between monument and the Dover seafront. We also set out detailed suggestions for preserving and restoring the original memorial