Hall Conservation Ltd

  • Copper flue removed

  • Removing the old paint to reveal the copper sheet underneath

  • Copper flue repaired and reinstalled, along with new glass

  • Dome is now housed within the building

  • Internal view of the dome

Date:18 March, 2013

Project Information

Various attempts had been made to seal the leaking dome located on the roof of 74 St James’, attempts had included painting the surfaces with bitumen based paints and ended in the 60/70s with the application of glass reinforced plastic across the whole of the surface.

In 2003 the grade 1 listed building was to be redeveloped, including the dome. Work was undertaken in-situ and began with the dismantling of the copper flue and the removal of the old paint from the metal surfaces. The broken glass was removed and templates made where the glass was cracked or broken and would need replacing.

The ladder from the base of the dome to the flue required large portions of it replacing and a new handrail was made based on the original design. A steel bracket was rolled and fixed to the edge of the dome, this served the purpose of protecting the dome when the ladder was used.