Hall Conservation Ltd

  • Goliath with missing David.

  • Remains of the missing David.

  • The condition that David was recovered in.

  • Close up of the damage.

  • David reinstated in position.

Date:17 May, 2013

Project Information

Metal theft is a widely reported problem, and with cultural items it means the complete loss of part of our cultural heritage; it is not, however, a new problem.

David had been ripped from his position on Goliath, when recovered he had been cut into small sections and flattened. All of the sections had to be reshaped and the edges matched prior to providing a new armature and welding the sections back together.

The sculpture was originally finished to imitate a warm limestone and this was replicated using acrylic based with paints.

Seaton Delaval became  a National Trust property in 2009.