Hall Conservation Ltd

Date:19 February, 2013

Project Information

With an exterior of black Vitrolite, glass and chromium strips, the Daily Express building is considered to be one of the most splendid Art Deco interiors in a commercial building and admired by John Betjeman for its ‘wonderful rippling confections of metal’. The lobby features plaster reliefs of ‘Industry’ and ‘Empire’ by Eric Aumonier, lighting fixtures, balustrades and other decorative and structural elements are either made of, or sheathed in, white and yellow metals.

The restoration of this building consisted of plaster repairs and gilding to the ceiling; replication of the bronze original snake hand rails; removing modern elevator doors and the manufacture and fitting of new replica louvered aluminium doors; the 1960’s floor and lobby steps were taken out and a new replica floor laid in coloured marbles; servicing and overhaul of the clock; the polishing or renewal where necessary of the aluminium cladding.

The building originally incorporated the printing plant but since the restoration it is now part of the offices of Goldman Sachs. It is not open to the public but the lobby can be viewed from from the street.