Hall Conservation Ltd

  • Mosaic prior to dismantling and moving

  • Removing a section of the mosaic

  • Mosaic in its packaging

  • Lifting the wattle and daub panel into its custom made box

  • The two Roman tombstones to be moved during phase B

Date:13 May, 2013

Project Information

Hall Conservation Ltd was awarded the contract to lift and move several large and very heavy but delicate mosaics, and a wooden framed plaster wall section. The museum is currently undergoing redevelopment, and this part of the collection had to be moved into storage, or to different locations. Most of the mosaics had been backed onto concrete, which has increased the weight of the mosaics substantially and calculations had to be made to ensure the correct safe lifting gear was used. Where possible the mosaics were disassembled and placed into marked custom made packaging containers. The museum itself is an historic building, access is restricted and the fabric cannot be altered or adapted, which adds to the logistical complexity.

All of the mosaics were given a general clean prior to lifting and packaging, the wattle and daub painted plaster panel was consolidated to prevent further losses of the paint.

The second phase of the project is due to start shortly and will see Hall Conservation Ltd return to site to move two Roman tombstones, an alter stone and a mosaic. When the work on the museum is completed, the objects will be redisplayed and Hall Conservation Ltd have also designed and are making the exhibition mounts for these items.