Hall Conservation Ltd

  • Before treatment

  • Moving from site to our van ready for transportation to our workshop

  • Areas spot cleaned and primed

  • Moulds taken of existing dolphins to recast the missing ones

  • Patinating the new dolphins

  • New dolphins attached to the cannon

  • After treatment

Date:18 March, 2013

Project Information

The project to survey and conserve the Royal Artillery at Windsor Castle continued in 2012 with a pair of bronze cannons, patented by Col. Wiedermann, a unique and technically demanding design incorporating iron bands, cast within the bronze barrel of the cannons. These were conserved prior to an exhibition.

The paint on the carriages had faded and a build up of organic growth in the decorative details gave an unmaintained appearance. On the barrel of one of the cannons, the decorative handles in the form of dolphins, used when dismantling the gun for transport, were missing.

After ensuring the cannons were not loaded, the cannons and their carriages were cleaned using a pH neutral detergent. After washing, the bronze barrels were given two coats of clear microcrystalline wax. Chips in the paint of the carriages were feathered back and painted with a zinc phosphate primer before applying two coats of the top coat.

Moulds were taken from the existing dolphins, from which a plaster pattern was produced. Two new dolphins were cast in bronze and patinated to match that which had formed naturally on the cannons. The new dolphins were fixed using the original technique, a system of very accurately hand made offset tapered pins, driven in to lock the handles tightly to the barrel.