Hall Conservation Ltd

  • Before Conservation

  • Notice the broken wrap and missing wand.

  • The drape and wand have been replaced and patinated to match.

  • After Conservation

  • Complete piece installed

Client:Henry More Institure, Leeds
Date:16 January, 2013

Project Information

Circe, a typically corroded bronze, pale green with black speckles, patches and stripes.

A wand, chalice, and section of drapery had been stolen. We explained in detail all the implications of every option, which allowed us to arrive at an ethical approach that also satisfied the aesthetic demands of display in its new gallery. The sculpture was cleaned by hand in the gallery and the careful use of low volumes of water and the materials used effected neither the gallery, visitors or caused contamination. The missing parts were replaced, discoloured areas and the new sections were over-painted in acrylic paint