Hall Conservation Ltd

Date:23 January, 2017

Project Information

Hall Conservation were asked to restore the lead cross from the top of the Castle Hedingham War Memorial in Essex.

The cross is a memorial to those who fell in the Great War of 1914-18 and the memorial itself dates from 1921. After examination, the cross was found to be in generally good condition for its age. However, its fixing to the stone pillar had corroded quite badly and had become unstable. There was mild weather damage to the surface of the cross.

A panel was cut into the base of the cross so the interior could be examined. It was decided to replace the old corroded iron plate with a new stainless steel plate that would be drilled so that it sat over the current armature.

Cracking on one side of the cross appeared to be due to a failing iron armature, which would need to be removed to prevent further damage. A panel was cut from the damaged section revealing that the cross contained no armature or core material. An open box armature was made from stainless steel plate and molten lead was poured into the base to secure the new armature in place.  A new panel was cast to replace the now missing section and where possible the lead was cleaned back. The restored cross was replaced securely back on top of its stone column.