Hall Conservation Ltd

Colchester Castle Museum

Hall Conservation Ltd was awarded the contract to lift and move several large and very heavy but delicate mosaics, and a wooden framed plaster wall section. The museum is currently undergoing redevelopment, and this part of the collection had to be moved into storage, or to different
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Pala Period Hindu Gods, Southall Manor House and Park, Ealing, London

The intricate carved stone figures of Hindu gods are from the Indian Pala period (8 – 12 c) and are probably 12c. They are made from a very dense, hard, dark grey stone, with very fine carved detail. The building in Southhall dates back to the 15th century and the two Pala figur
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Combe Down Stones

The Combe Down Stones were taken from the Combe Down quarry located outside bath and are covered with graffiti from the mine. Some of the pieces were cracked and fractured, making them vulnerable to loss and further damage. Small channels were cut into the back of the stone and 316 st
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