Hall Conservation Ltd

Tijou Leaves, Hampton Court Palace

Hall Conservation was asked to conduct some cleaning trials on 14 leaves from Screen four of the Tijou screens from Hampton Court Palace. Several tests were carefully undertaken to establish the best method for removing the epoxy paint while leaving the cadmium plating intact. Altoget
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Replacement Crown, Tijou Screen, Hampton Court Palace

As part of the on-going works a new crown is being produced to replace the missing one from panel six. The crowns on the Tijou Screen are very distorted and many of the elements were found to be made from copper during a survey of all the crowns by Andrew harris. Copper being a much s
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Tijou Screen, Hampton Court Palace

The twelve decorative wrought iron panels of the Privy Gardens at Hampton Court Palace are known as the Tijou Screen, named after the master blacksmith and designer, Jean Tijou. Members of the Hall Conservation Ltd team have been closely involved with the Tijou Screen since 1995. Buil
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