Hall Conservation Ltd

Date:23 January, 2017

Project Information

This fine sculpture of Queen Victoria is located in the Queen’s Garden, Newcastle under Lyme.

The figure had been aggressively cleaned in the past with evidence that sand blasting had been used. The sand blasting had revealed casting porosity, pores that would collect dirt and contaminants and can often result in accelerated corrosion at these surface points.

The figure had some evidence of iron staining and it was clear that the sceptre was a later replacement and likely to have been cast in aluminium rather than bronze.

The figure was washed down using a pH neutral detergent and water.  The sculpture was then gently heated and a range of green and brown waxes were applied to the surface to build up layers to look like a natural patina. After colouring, two coats of microcrystalline wax were applied and carefully buffed to a soft sheen.

The stone was cleaned by hand with to remove the build up of organic growth.

The work was generously paid for by Newcastle Under Lyme Civic Society.