Hall Conservation Ltd

Date:07 August, 2014

Project Information

The collection comprises of six lead figures, depicting Mars, Minerva, Mercury, Apollo, Bacchus and Diana. Mars and Minerva had been previously conserved by Andrew and Janet Naylor and currently stand within Duff House. Of the other four, Mercury and Apollo had been subjected to previous interventions and were in a poor state of repair. Bacchus and Diana were in a reasonably good condition.

The figures had suffered from poor storage in their past, and additional damage had been caused during the GRP mould making process. Mercury should stand on one leg but an additional prop had been added to give the figure extra support once the armature started to fail. There were no original attributes with the figures.

The failed armature had to be removed which involved cutting access panels into the figures, these were cut out in areas with as little detailing as possible. After removing the core material the figures were moved back into their more original forms. A new stainless steel armature was fitted to the figures before closing up the access panels.

Lead cannot support its own weight and in order to prevent it from slumping over the armature and creating pressure points it is necessary to fill the core of the sculpture, in this case expanding polyurethane foam was injected into the core.

The figures were finished with microcrystalline wax. At present there are still discussions around the final display position within Duff House.