Hall Conservation Ltd

Client:Historic Royal Palaces
Date:16 January, 2013

Project Information

In 2007 Hall Conservation Ltd were asked to undertake a condition survey on the metal components of the astronomical clock located in clock court at Hampton Court Palace. The clock faces are made from copper sheet and were produced using the ‘battery’ process, the copper ingots were beaten or battered into sheets using heavy water powered trip hammers. This is evident from the dimpling and variation in thickness, along with the slightly convex faces, allowing us to date the panels to before the early 1700s.

The copper sheets were joined using lap and butt joints, which were then soldered together. The copper sheet has been reinforced with wrought iron strapping, which has been fixed into position using rivets.

Generally it was found that the metal elements were in good condition. The loose and flaking paint was removed from the back faces prior to the cleaning of the corrosion with hand tools.