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Untitled (Listening), Antony Gormley, Maygrove Peace Park, London

The conservators of Hall Conservation Ltd have developed a good working relationship with Antony…
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Exedra, Blenheim Palace

The setting of the 19c French cast iron sculpture in the grounds of Blenheim Palace had become…
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Sick, Antony Gormley, Irish Museum of Modern Art, Dublin

Antony Gormley’s piece, ‘Sick’ had been in storage in a timber crate in what was d…
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Homerton University Hospital

Hall Conservation Ltd was commissioned to undertake a condition survey of three of the contemporary…
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Bronze Buddha: Private owner

The decorative plumes on the headdress of the Buddha are inherently weak points and two of them had…
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African Slave, Jan Van Nost, Wentworth Castle

The ‘African Slave’, as it is now known, or ‘Blackamoor’, as it was known…
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