Hall Conservation Ltd

  • Bronze plaque before treatment

  • Second bronze plaque after treatment

  • Marble memorial half cleaned

  • Broken portico prior to repair

Project Information

The original buildings where the memorials were installed were demolished, but the memorials were salvaged by the War Memorial Trust, as part of their remit is to preserve and re-locate displaced memorials.

After being saved, the two bronze and one marble war memorial had been kept in storage for some years and were exhibiting a general build up of dirt and dust. The bronze plaques showed areas of minor corrosion and had surface scratches, while the marble memorial was in it’s three separate sections, but the ‘portico’ was broken in two.

The bronze plaques were washed with a pH neutral detergent, the scratches were toned in using stainers and the objects were given two coats of clear microcrystalline wax. The broken portico of the marble memorial  was drilled, a reinforcing dowel inserted and fixed to give the main break and the broken edge additional strength. The two parts were glued together and the edge toned in to match the surrounding marble and new stainless steel frame was made to support the marble memorial when fixed to the wall.