Hall Conservation Ltd

  • Lifting Eros

  • Dye penetration tests

  • X-ray of leg

  • During treatment

  • Lifting Eros

Date:19 March, 2013

Project Information

During the 1980s and early 1990s the Shaftesbury Memorial, popularly known as ‘Eros’ underwent restoration twice, once when it was moved across Piccadilly Circus to its present location, then later, when a fracture reappeared in Eros’s leg.

The directors of Hall Conservation Ltd, Andrew Naylor and Brian Hall have long associations with Alfred Gilbert’s ‘Shaftesbury Memorial’. They worked together on the second conservation project during the 90s and Brian has since carried out maintenance work on the monument. Andrew and Janet Naylor were conservation consultants on the earlier project to move the monument from it’s original central island to the plaza, but finally resigned when, against their advice, the restorers were allowed to shot blast and re-polish the figure of ‘Eros’. The soft aluminium had been abrasively cleaned and polished on several previous occasions, even though when Gilbert himself finished the figure originally, he left a matte, satin texture. Repeated abrasive re-finishing and polishing has removed the subtlety of the modelling and the surface texture that Alfred Gilbert intended.