Hall Conservation Ltd

  • Before treatment

  • Broken and missing sections in the lower leg

  • Injecting adhesive into the finer cracks

  • Additional armature inserted into lower ankles to give further support

  • Filling the gaps with epoxy filler

  • Fills coloured to match surrounding area

Date:18 March, 2013

Project Information

Made from an iron powder/resin compound, the small sculpture, ‘Swimming Lessons’ depicts a man and woman dressed ready to go for a swimming lesson. It had been dropped, resulting in numerous cracks and losses to the resin, the worst of which can be seen on the ankles of the female figure.

In order to provide additional support a stainless steel dowel was inserted into the ankles of the female figure, the thin cracks were injected with Araldite 20-20™, and the larger areas of loss were filled with Milliput Superfine White™ which was textured to imitate the sculptures finish. The fills were then coloured to match the surrounding area.