Hall Conservation Ltd

  • Before treatment. Note missing horse.

  • New leg cast and fixing into the correct position prior to soldering

  • Heat blanket wrapped around the areas not to be soldered to prevent heat discolouration

  • After treatment, horse fixed back into position

Date:18 March, 2013

Project Information

All of the horses were fixed to the base at one point only, leaving them very vulnerable to breakage. One horse had broken off, and during treatment it was clear that this had been repaired on a number of previous occasions.

All of the previous repairs had to be removed in order to fix the horse back onto the base. A gap was left where the old repairs had been removed, initially a brass fill was made, however during brazing another previously unnoticed repair was found. This meant that it was impossible to establish what was original to the leg and what was a replacement. For this reason, and to provide the maximum amount of strength to the horse a new leg was cast using the lost wax method.

The new leg was fixed into position with a silver steel dowel, followed by hard silver solder. After removing the excess solder, the new leg was patinated to match in with the rest of the sculpture. After treatment the sculpture was coated in a microcrystalline wax to protect it from the environment.