Hall Conservation Ltd

Date:19 October, 2017

Project Information
Many congratulations to our own Juliette Doyard who has been nominated as Supervisor of the Year in the prestigious annual Supply Chain Awards for Wates.  The 2017 nomination is for Juliette’s time supervising Hall Conservation’s work at the London Business School.
The Supply Chain Awards cover all the many firms working with Wates across the entire country meaning that Juliette has been nominated out of hundreds of supervisors and project managers.  The nomination is for the ten months that Juliette spent in charge of a team of ten to twelve people at the LBS.  “For me the nomination was very unexpected and a total surprise.  It was lovely though and made me very happy,” Juliette observed.  “I want to particularly share the award with two colleagues, Matthew Boultwood and Elodie Domenge.  Matthew started and finished the job and was so very helpful, as was Elodie.”
And the biggest challenge of the ten month job?  “The most challenging aspect was keeping track of everything.  We were working on many different jobs in many different locations all over the huge building at the same time.  It was quite a feat, but in the end, working together, we did it.”
All at Hall Conservation congratulate Juliette on her achievement and wish her good luck on 31st October, the night of the award ceremony.