Hall Conservation Ltd

  • Before treatment on left and after on the right

  • Close up of cast detail and patina

  • After treatment

Date:17 January, 2013

Project Information

The pair of large bronze candelabra had developed a beautiful and stable patina over the course of time, but the brief for Hall Conservation Ltd was to restore the candelabra to its original finish – polished to a high shine and lacquered, but polishing, especially on a tarnished and slightly pitted surface causes a loss of metal and detail. In this instance, the candelabra had deep, finely worked detail and would have needed air abrasion system to remove all the patina. This was felt to be far too invasive and would cause unnecessary damage to the surface detail of the object. Instead, our conservators recommended that paint, wax and metal powder should be used to imitate a polished bronze. This requires considerable skill to achieve a convincing outcome, but it fulfilled the clients expectations, protected the candelabra from unnecessary surface loss, and the wax and paint layers are protective and are reversible.