Hall Conservation Ltd

  • Front fanlight before conservation

  • Missing detail of large fan light

  • Removing the paint obscuring the detailing

  • New round window set out ready for welding

  • Welding the new circular window together

  • Finished Oval Window

  • Finished Circular Window

  • Front fanlight after conservation

Date:16 January, 2013

Project Information

During previous failed restorations of this Georgian town house, two of the original windows had gone missing. The roof light was situated over the stairwell, the seals in this sky light had failed allowing water to enter the building and rot the timber work of the stairwell. The house was in an extremely poor state and required a complete restoration.

The window found to be in the best condition was the internal fan light, once the many layers of paint were removed the decorative lead cames were found to be in relatively good condition, with only a few splits and cracks. Moulds were taken of the various elements from which new lead cames and decorative elements were cast.

The new oval and circular window design was based on historic images, the lead elements were laid out on a carefully drawn template and welded together. Pure iron strips were soft soldered onto the back of the lead cames. Templates were produced and new cylinder glass cut to fit.

Before and after images courtesy of Anderson Glenn.