Hall Conservation Ltd

Date:03 December, 2016

Project Information

Hall Conservation were asked to remove, restore, and return the gates from outside Christchurch Primary School in London’s Brick Lane.

Before the gates could be removed, the area was cordoned off with traffic cones and pedestrian barriers to allow hot work to begin melting the lead out of the stonework to release the gates. Great care was taken to ensure that the surrounding stone was not harmed in any way.

A truck fitted with a Hiab crane was used to lift and transport the gates to our London workshop.

There were areas of corrosion on both gates and pilasters which had caused the paint to lift. The surface finish was worn and failing in many places.

A makers stamp revealed that the gates were made in 1830.

The majority of the preparation work involved carefully removing the damaged and flaking paint. This was done by hand with wire brushes, scouring pads, and scrappers.

Once the paint was removed, the gates were assessed regarding old repairs and structural soundness.

The gates and pilasters were then pained with Zinc Phosphate primer and two top coats of grey micaceous iron oxide to colour match the remaining railings.

The gates were re-installed with lime mortar tidying the join between the ironwork and the stone pillar.