Hall Conservation Ltd

  • Before Treatment

  • Dismantled in the workshop

  • The extent of the distortion in the horse can be seen

  • Reconstructing the figure

  • New decorative support

  • After treatment

Date:19 March, 2013

Project Information

By the 1980s, the 18c lead sculpture of Fame Riding Pegasus by Andries Charpentier was in an advanced state of collapse. The body of Pegasus had split and a lead strip had been soldered in to close the gap, the support under the belly was a crude replacement of the original and Fame was toppling off backwards.

Careful removal of all the old repairs and painstaking re-shaping of the sections allowed them to be accurately realigned, thereby revealing Charpentier’s masterful baroque composition.

There is no evidence of the original design of the decorative support under the belly of Pegasus, so the new support, modelled by Andrew Naylor, is a pastiche of Antoine Coysevox’s version now in the Louvre, Paris.