Hall Conservation Ltd

Clock and weathervane, Bletchley Park

Bletchley park, home of the enigma codebreakers, contacted us to work on their clock and weathervane. As part of a restoration project, the clock tower building was undergoing extensive repair. We were asked to restore the original clock faces and restore the Pegasus weathervane, whic
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Park Building Weathervane – Portsmouth

This ship weathervane has pride of place on the top of the University Park Building, Portsmouth. The building was undergoing renovations and as part of the works the University wanted to restore the weathervane to working order. The exposed costal environment had resulted in extensive
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St Alfege’s Weathervane, Greenwich, London

The restoration of the weathervane is part of the on-going works to Nicholas Hawksmoor’s St Alfege’s Church, as the gilding had come away from the surface leaving areas of exposed copper, the iron bar securing it to the spire was extremely corroded with large flakes of corrosion
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